For the past 16 years I have been seriously painting. I practice, every day. For me, it is A labor of love.  I consider myself a Visual Artist and play in an assortment of Mediums. 

My roots stem from the music + fashion industries.                                                    Age: 15 to 30 I spent in retail; alternative fashion + design;  and then, 11+ years in Graphic Arts, (working in the Art department of an Indy record label). I have studied in the Arts at a variety of post secondary schools as I required skills. My education comes mainly from the street and devotion to my craft.

I still enjoy working on digital projects. It challenge inspires in areas that crossover to other visual arts: These Additional skills come in handy and have elements that benefit and help resolve issues as a painter. I embrace technology and dive into researching and development. A big part of the process, and I love to learn + study. The diversity in skills allows me to survive as a renaissance artist. I work best with a multiple pokers, in a handful of fires.

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